Helpful Resources on Poverty in the U.S.

The best strategies to close the economic gap rely on sound information to be valid and credible. But with programs to run and clients to serve, who has time to scour the web in search of data? Emerge Solutions is dedicated to helping you help people move out of poverty. For that reason, we now put information that you may find helpful right at your fingertips. Each quarter, we highlight a few information sources in the space below. To download our full catalog, click here. If you have information resources you’ve found valuable to add to our list, contact us.

Featured Resources


Webinar Series –

Simon Solutions, through its software solutions CharityTracker and OasisInsights, advances “a more networked, collaborative, and comprehensive approach to transforming lives and communities.”

The company hosts one-hour webinars featuring authors and leaders discussing “transformational models and technology making a measurable difference in communities across the country.” The webinars include a Q/A with a live audience.

One category of webinars is Collaboration & Community Impact, which has featured Phil DeVol and Eugene Krebs, authors of “Bridges Across Every Divide,” as well as other speakers with steps, models, tools and tips for building strong community networks to address poverty.

Other categories include Sustainability and Transformation, Assessments & Outcomes, Food Banks & Pantries, United Way & Nonprofits, Faith-Based Organizations, and Hospitals & Clinics.

There’s also an archive of previously recorded webinars so you can listen in for free at any time.


Webinar Series —

Strategies to reduce poverty through seven focus areas – K-12, Community, Higher Ed, Criminal Justice, Healthcare, Workplace and Getting Ahead – are the subjects of aha! Process’s ongoing webinar series. The series features aha! Process authors and consultants as well as leading practitioners sharing their ideas, experiences and best practices.

You’ll hear from experts in Bridges Out of Poverty, A Framework for Understanding Poverty, College Achievement Alliance and other aha! Process constructs and models. You can register for upcoming webinars at the link above, where you’ll also find a link to an archive of past webinars.


Program and Podcasts –

Filene Research Institute describes says its mission as to “conduct research, seek truth, and connect credit unions with relevant insights and innovative thinkers.”

“What?” you may say: “I’m not a credit union, why should I be interested?” Stay with us on this.

One of Filene’s key programs is Employer-Sponsored Small-Dollar Loans, in which credit unions collaborate with employers in their communities to provide safe, affordable loans that help hard-working employees avoid predatory rates and fees, establish or repair credit and begin to save. It’s perfect for a community partnership among a credit union or bank, one or more nonprofits and employers. You can listen to an introductory webinar and download resources to launch your own collaboration at

You’ll also find a library of 30-minute podcasts at While many of the podcasts are specific to the financial service industry, others have to do with topics relevant to helping people in poverty with financial issues, such as the Domestic Violence Recovery loan program, financial justice and financial literacy. Like the Employer-Sponsored Small-Dollar Loan program, topics like these provide an opportunity to collaborate with credit unions, banks and other community partners to help your clients move up financially.