Transforming Communities through Innovation and Collaboration: Transform Tuesdays Webinar Series

Once a month in the fall of 2016, Emerge Solutions member Simon Solutions (creators of CharityTracker and Oasis Insight) hosted a FREE webinar, bringing even greater community transformation through innovation and collaboration. They have shared their recordings with all Emerge Solutions members.

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The following link guides you to the video recordings and within each Vimeo video description is a link to the webinar handouts.


September 2016: Getting the Maximum Benefit from Technology to Build Capacity and Collaborate

In San Diego, people began lining up as early as 2:00 a.m. to receive a box of food and the line stretched around the block. Today, people are waiting 30 minutes or less and being served with more dignity than ever before. Hear how two San Diego food banks collaborated and built the capacity of their food distribution partners and volunteers. Learn about:

  • Communicating with partnering agencies for maximum network participation
    • Developing a systematic implementation plan for shared case management
    • Collecting demographic information for reports that inform program and fund development
    • Using ID cards, scanning and mobile technology for maximum efficiency and dignity.

Featured Guests: Shelly Parks of San Diego Food Bank and Kelcey Ellis of Feeding America San Diego.

October 2016: Funding is Changing. Are You Keeping Up?

In today’s community benefit landscape, collaborating with other organizations is not optional, it’s essential. It’s essential for having a maximum impact AND to securing your future funding.
Learn about:
• The New Funding Logic Model
• Measuring Input, Activities, Outputs, Outcomes and Impact
• The importance of collaboration, data and creating a transformational roadmap
• The technical tools that can help organizations be relevant in today and tomorrow’s philanthropic marketplace

Featured Guests: Mike Simon, co-founder of Simon Solutions, Inc., and Cathy Easley, Director of Integrated Systems, Trident United Way of Charleston, SC

November 2016: Getting Ahead: Helping People Create a Plan for Stability

Wouldn’t it be great if we could actually work ourselves out of a job? While that’s not true of every career, it is certainly true for those who work with children and families in poverty. What if long-term financial, physical, mental and emotional health could take root so that families in poverty are changed from the inside out- for future generations? What if there was a program designed to help people investigate the barriers holding them back and identify opportunities to build on their strengths? Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World, from aha! Process is just such a program. And CharityTracker is a partner of this life-changing program, making it easier for facilitators to record and report on participant progress.

Learn about:
• The basic principles of Getting Ahead and how lives are challenged and changed
• How CharityTracker and Getting Ahead have partnered to assess and measure “investigator” success

Featured Guests: Phil DeVol, author of Getting Ahead in a Just Getting by World and Kyle Minckler, Sales and Implementation Specialist at Simon Solutions, Inc.


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