Bridges Out of Poverty: Addressing Community Challenges Through Intentional Relationships

There is no doubt that these are difficult days in our country. Communities large and small struggle with brokenness in relationships across race, ethnicity, language, economics and other divisive categories. Conflicts and suspicions seem to lead inevitably to violence. Many of us wait with suspended breath for the next terrible story to break in the media, which for its part is ever-ready to pounce on yet another sensational example of how wrong things are. 

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  1. Philip DeVol - October 24, 2016, 7:30 am

    At times like these when political awareness is on red alert and our divisions are heightened and exploited it helps to know that in Bridges communities it is possible to get along with people from across political lines. Gene Krebs and I have been interviewing people in Bridges sites asking if people from different political persuasions are at the planning and decision making tables. Happily, the answer has always been ‘yes’. When we follow up with, “Do the political narratives ever come up when the group is working at overcoming barriers faced by GA grads as they work on their plans?” Happily, the answer has always been,”Never.” Let’s continue to demonstrate that Bridges as a community-based approach to poverty is democracy at work.

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