Got Questions? Emerge Members Are Anxious to Share Experiences.

As communities across the globe begin to realize that something can actually be done to address poverty, they also begin to realize how complex the issues are. The experiences of individuals and families from under-resourced backgrounds begin to tell a story of barriers that may have existed for many years. For community leaders the task can seem overwhelming. Where do I concentrate my efforts? What areas will net the greatest returns? How do I get everyone involved? The list of questions can go on forever.[restrict]

Thankfully, Emerge Solutions stands by to assist newcomers to the work with real world solutions and innovative ideas. The most amazing thing is how willing our Emerge members are to share results of their efforts, including ideas or approaches that didn’t turn out well.

My community of Muscogee, OK, for example, has experience in combatting poverty through Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin’-By World; the healthcare, law enforcement and higher education sectors; felon re-entry; English as a second language classes; and city government department policies, just to name a few.

We, and other members, are anxious to share what we’ve learned. Join us at Emerge Solutions today, and send us your requests for help through our Membership Tools or our Contact Us page.[/restrict]

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